There are many advantages to the implementation of the Total Quality Management Solution ™ ®

  • Management of health & hygiene consumables by a third party reduces unnecessary cost but at adequate ratios.
  • Human capital training is more effective as management is a neutral body.
  • Valuable business management time is not wasted on matters that are important but time consuming.
  • HCIT scrutinizes each and every aspect of your unique operation to ensure that your health & hygiene is not hampered or retarded by lack of support or information.
  • The pro-active system rather than re-active system ensures that costly recalls, business interruptions and business closures will not occur
  • On-going technical support and on-site training.
  • Standardisation of processes throughout the group.
  • Assistance in HACCP and problem identification and mitigation.
  • Inspections, audits, and swabs for various areas.
  • Review processes with continuing improvement.
  • Correct management and usage ratios for

 overall cost effectiveness.