Unique Total Quality System™®

  • HCIT assesses your unique operation, and puts together a strategic plan according to your individual unique operations occupational health and hygiene needs.
  • HCIT then manages all areas to ensure compliance according to a pace that suits your needs.
  • The HCIT Total Quality System ™® is a pro-active system rather than a re-active system that acts as a safety net to your unique operation and ensures you are meeting standards before audits and any Tourism Grading, or any health inspections occur.

What Total Quality System™® entails

  • Developing of your specified and required Pre Requisite Programmes (PRP’s)
  • Development of your specialized standard operation’s procedures      manuals (SOPM’s)
  • HCIT develop & manage your specialized quality control system according to standards governing your unique operation
  • A Health and Hygiene manual designed to your unique operation
  • Weekly training on site on all aspects of health and hygiene
  • All health and hygiene documentation as per national and international health & safety requirements and hygiene requirements

Total Quality System™® Overview